S K Y P E  G U I T A R   L E S S O N S 


H E Y   S H R E D D E R S  !

Welcome and thanks a lot for your interest into my Skype guitar lessons. 

So... It seems you want to work hard to achieve your goals, but how hard do you really want it ?    
Yes, even if you are a total begginer we can do great things together, it's actually even better
as it's easier to start with the right basics rather than loosing bad habits, but in any case, don't worry, I will help you.
The only thing that will make a difference, is your motivation and dedication. 


H O W   D O E S   I T   W O R K  ?

As far as how the lessons goes : You will just need a webcam, your guitar and a good connection. Then, you'll prepare a list with all your goals, what you want to achieve, it could be anything, develop certain techniques such as Sweeping, Alternate picking, Legato etc... Work on theory, modes, composition, arrangement, composition, or simply learn of of Adagio or my stuff...

Then, I prepare a working plan, based on the time you have, and from that point on, we will work on developping those areas with specific exercices and lessons. 


H O W   M U C H   D O E S   I T   C O S T   ?

   >  One single hour/month =  80€  <
   >  Two lessons/month = 160€ 120€ (60€/h)  <
   >  Four lessons /month (1 lesson/week) = 320€ 200€ (50€/h)  <

Payment and reservation are done in advance via Paypal. 
As soon as I receive your payment confirmation, the slots are booked for you. 


R E A D Y ?   ; )

Send me a message via the form below !